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Dragan Czechic

It is unknown where Dragan Czechic was born. Rumour and local police reports suggest that he spent much of his youth traveling through Europe and Eurasia with his adopted family of Rosicrucians. Naturally athletic, Czechic excelled in the circus and clowning arts throughout his teenage years until he suffered four consecutive work-related spinal injuries. A radical operation performed in secrecy found Dragan Czechic with a wood-steel hybrid spinal cord. An unexpected result of the operation left Czechic with alarmingly little flexibility in his upper body but uncharted durability and tolerance for pain.

Northern Europe’s version of Hollywood came calling and Czechic soon developed into the hottest stuntman working outside of North America and the union-system. With almost psychotic courage Czechic sealed his name in the history books by allowing a 300 ft. steam engine train to hit him at 80km/h. Sadly the footage never made it into the final film, however, the Hong Kong based producers of the film were so overwhelmed that Czechic actually survived the stunt (it was suspected he would die) that they immediately put him under contract. Dragan Czechic moved to Hong Kong where he continues to live and work. A dedicated and full-time stuntman, Czechic also breeds and slaughters goats, something that he says brings him closer to his European roots.

Vince Tuborg

Vince Tuborg “The Cyborg from Nyborg (Denmark)” was born Rince Stånk. “The other kids picked on me because I was so ugly,” recalls Vince. “They used to beat me all the time, saying: ‘Tuborg, Tuborg. The ugly one! He’ll eat your parents.’

In 1996, Vince was arrested for illegal dumping and sentenced to three years in a minimum-security prison and it was here that tragedy struck. Vince had to undergo massive bio-mechanical reconstruction to his lower abdomen after rats ate through his scrotum and pubic bone while he was sleeping in his cell.

The stress of the incident caused him complete hair loss, in only two weeks. Thanks to drugs, Vince’s hair eventually returned, but he still wears a bald cap to commemorate that important time in his life.

Emerging from prison, he found work as an erotic performer in a series of stark, violent, and realistic films about Danish prostitutes, directed by his brother Strom Tuborg. He was later sold to Hong Kong businessmen, by Strom, for helicopter fuel.

Vince started performing with 7 Tiger Fighting Theatre in 2000!

Vince encourages anyone interested in donating monies to the Tuborg Foundation to Disallow Prison Inmates from Keeping Food in their Cells (TFDPIKFC) to contact him at:

Sammy Tang

Sammy Tang (Trince Van Der Groot) was born and raised outside Salt Lake City, Utah, and at a young age became fascinated with libraries. His knack for organization saw him become the nation's youngest library administrator, a job he cherished until his illiteracy became evident and he was dismissed. Heartbroken that no one could recognize his love of books despite his inability to read them, Sammy withdrew from Mormon society with a vow of revenge. Sure enough, a few years later, a string of library defacings was pinned on Sammy, who had become surly, muscular and violent, and had recruited and organized a vigilante violence squad that obeyed his every whim.

While in prison, Sammy developed a passion for hair care. Unfortunately his plans for hair salon ownership never amounted to anything more than a string of shady business failures, and on a bet Sammy fled his debts and went to theatre school in Beijing under an assumed name.

China suited Sammy well. He loved the culture, the theatre and the kicking. Moving to Hong Kong, Sammy founded a film studio devoted to children's horror puppetry. Although that venture failed, Tang soon founded the Seven Tiger Fighting Theatre, an organization that combined his love of violence and administration with a subtle yearning for his motherland, America.

Polo Mr. Polo

Steve Bergeron (aka Polo Mr. Polo) was born in Carson City, Nevada, the eldest of seven children. According to his parents Rick and Linda Bergeron, Steve was obsessed with becoming famous from an early age. A shotput standout in highschool, Steve received a track and field scholarship to Summer Lake Technical College in Tunney, California, where he majored in Hygiene Science.

Encouraged by his family, Steve dropped out of college after only five weeks to pursue a professional wrestling career. He became a mainstay of the South-Western Mex-American Wrestling Association (SoWeMAW), breaking into the league as Freshie Hotpants, and later winning the Regional Championship under the name Baron Lord Dominik.

At the height of fame on the SoWeMAW circuit, Steve broke his contract and relocated to Los Angeles, eager to fulfill his dream of movie stardom. Advised by his new agent, Steve shed eighty pounds from his wrestler's frame and changed his name to Paul "Paulie" Paolo. He was quickly typecast as a cartoonish mob goon, landing minor roles in kiddie fare like Pinballmania!, Beach Summer, and Rock 'n' Pinball. Despite limited success as an actor, Steve was convinced that his big break would come.

Under advisement from his agent, Paulie developed his unique exercise techniques and, with his own money, produced an infomercial for his first workout video: Paulie Paolo's BERGERONICS for Beginners. The regimen bucked many workout trends. Bergeronics combines dance-aerobics, stunt tumbling, and Samoan grappling maneuvers. The tape sold very poorly.

Paulie Paolo was out of money and out of work. For $10,000, he sold the rights to Bergeronics for Beginners to Shikoki-Corp, a Seoul-based distributor. Under Shikoki-Corpís direction, the tape sold over one hundred thousand units in Korea within three months. Before long, Shikoki-Corp offered Paulie a contract to promote the tape at exercise-equipment exhibitions throughout Asia. He accepted

The first stop on his pan-Asian promotional tour was Hong Kong. Unbeknownst to Paulie, his Bergeronics video had been repackaged for the Asian market as Famous American Muscular Improvement by Polo Mr. Polo. Paulie embraced his new name and his newfound fame. While still in Hong Kong, Polo was approached by Sammy Tang, who offered him an audition with Seven Tiger Fighting Theatre. In a bid to capitalize on increased exposure, Shikoki-Corp agreed to suspend his tradeshow contract and allow him to join the Seven Tiger troupe as Polo Mr. Polo. Famous American Muscular Improvement by Polo Mr. Polo has since sold over eight million copies in Asia.


Ice is notoriously secretive, and little is known about her origins, other than her place of birth: Helsinki. However, she burst into Asians' hearts and minds in the mid-nineties with a string of pop hits, such as "Walking Tightwalk," "Hot Steaming for Lover," "You are Beyond (untranslatable)" and "Slip-Snip-Strip." The famous, wealthy and beloved songstress fell into disrepute, however, after she married a street vagrant, moved into a shanty near the new Hong Kong Airport and then married yet another vagrant. Rumours of her insanity spread madly and she was publicly shunned. Witnesses emerged who claimed to have seen her robbing banks and trains throughout Europe and Africa. Some claimed she was willing host to a malicious virus.

Eventually this hubub died down and Ice was forgotten. So when she appeared as a member of Seven Tiger Fighting Theatre during a surprise public performance of Highlander 2, panic ensued. This soon became mere hysteria, and both Ice and Seven Tiger have benefitted greatly from the exposure.

She now lives at home with her seven cats and vagrants.