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Who is Seven Tiger Fighting Theatre?
Seven Tiger Fighting Theatre are a Street Fight Theatre Troupe basing in Hong Kong. We are primarily consisting of Five members. The members are from all around the world. Please visit "about" for information.

Why are you called Seven Tiger Fighting Theatre?
In the beginning, there were Seven members of Seven Tiger Fighting Theatre. Then there was an accident and conspiracy, and two were dead.

Why don't you change your name to Five Tiger Fighting Theatre?
In honour of our dead Two members who had died, we are called still Seven Tiger Fighting Theatre.

In your video, Vince knocks off the head Sammy. What happen!
Do not worry, Sammy's head having been stitch on by famous Dr. Manstack.

Who are the skitfaced? Did they make you? They link to you?
Thank you, but we do not know who it is. It is most likely some kind of cult. We ask them to take-down the link, but they won't.

Is it true Seven Tiger Fighting Theatre is appearing in Matrix 2?
Yes, but we are not allowed to say.